How we operate

We do what founders and teams hate doing, acting as an extension of your current team to provide expertise in the areas most critical to success.

Accelerate Growth

Peak21 team spent >$150m in paid marketing profitably and works with more than 10,000 influencers annually.

Innovative marketing amplifies the brand voice.

"We live and breath performance marketing - what is a nightmare to some is what we do on weekends. Across our portfolio we work with influencers and social media at a scale that is very hard to reach for a single company"

Zephyr Chan

VP Growth

Reliable Supply Chain

We have headquarters in the United States and China, shipping over 500k units per month.

A reliable Supply Chain is at the center of growth

"We experienced first hand what can go wrong in Supply Chain and learned from our mistakes in the early days. We assembled a world class sourcing team sitting in Hong Kong with more than 30 years of experience in companies like Li & Fung and GAP and have a reliable network of manufacturers. On top we speak all the local languages of our main markets, be it Mandarin or Hindi. "

Roman Khan

President & Co-Founder

Approach international markets

We ship and sell in physical retailers in more than 30 countries worldwide

Fast tracking internationalization

"Expanding international can be daunting and founders tend to over-rely on their home markets. Having a local presence in almost all main markets helps us fast tracking the internationalization of our brands"

John Hagan

VP Brand Development

How it Works

Initial diligence

We sign confidentiality agreements & work quickly to provide a comprehensive term sheet to your leadership team in 14 business days.

Define Working Relationship

Every founder is different - whether the business owner is aiming for a complete exit, or to stay on to participate in the growth of the business, Peak21 is dedicated to constructing the ideal acquisition for every situation.

Identify Acceleration Gaps

We only buy or partner with companies that we believe we can 2-3x in a short amount of time. During the diligence process we assess whether we can bring to the table that level of growth or not.


Come up together with a growth plan and work hand in hand to execute it with your existing team.